Register as a Supplier

STREAM offers a unique way for you to work with your customers to ensure your invoices are processed quickly and efficiently. Tracking invoice status as well as selecting early payment are just a few clicks way.

Submitting your invoices to your customers via STREAM gives you:

✔ Swift processing and approval of your invoice for payment
✔ Visibility of actual payment dates
✔ Ability to request early payment from your customer for a small discount

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my invoices be approved?

Your customer will approve them in STREAM and you’ll receive a notification that the invoice is approved. You’ll also be able to see all invoices approved and date you will receive payment.

How much discount do I need to give for early payment?

That’s up to you! When adding your invoice you can select the date you want to be paid, and the cost will be deducted from the invoice value. You control this by selecting how many days early you want to be paid.

What if I don't want to receive early payment on an invoice?

That’s fine. Your invoice will be paid on the standard terms without discount.

How quick can I get started?

Very quick. Once you complete the form, we’ll email you our terms and conditions, get you approved and issue your username and login details.